Look, another stupid game studio


A Dream

A Dream to make this world a better place. The power is your's.


helping hand

How to improve the world? Lend your helping hand to the poor and needy.



There's no more joy than helping a poor. How to help a poor, you ask? Just play my games. Please. I'm broke.


Damn Those Loops

Top Reviews

"Worst game of all time. You gonna die poor and alone."
My Anxiety
"Sorry man. I don't have space in my phone to install your game. "
My Bestfriend
(Now Ex-Bestfriend)
"You should have done your masters. God knows when you will start earning. When will you get married?"
My Mother
"Anyone can make such lame games. Utter waste of potential. Waste of time."
My Father

Hey, feel free to ping me. I'm lonely as well.